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On 1 June, the Swedish parliament announced a number of changes to the Swedish immigration rules. The changes have been summarized below:

  • Work permit holders who require a visa to enter Sweden and are waiting for extension applications to be processed can apply for a D visa to facilitate necessary business travel. The D visa is not available to Blue Card and ICT Permit holders or dependants. This means that work permit holders are not restricted from business travel during the extensive processing time.
  • The Swedish Migration Agency has indicated that they require a hand-signed employment contract with a work permit application, a change from the previous requirement to provide an offer letter. The Migration Agency has since indicated that an electronic signature could suffice. Employment contracts that contain a probationary period may result in work permit validity for the duration of the probationary period.
  • New permit for highly qualified individuals seeking employment or to start a business in Sweden. The permit will be issued for a period of 3 – 9 months. Holders of the permit must:
    • be able to financially support themselves whilst in Sweden
    • have completed an advance level degree or higher
    • intend to seek employment or start a business
    • have comprehensive health insurance
    • hold a valid passport for the period of the permit
    • be currently located outside of Sweden
  • Work permit holders are no longer required to apply for permanent residence after completing four years in Sweden. It is now possible to apply for an extension after working and residing in Sweden for four years.


Some of the changes are welcome, however some changes have already created issues, requiring the Migration Agency to review its policies and processes. We may see further details and possibly more changes to Swedish immigration requirements as the Migration Agency implements the changes that have been announced.

This information came from a blog post originally published here.

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