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Talent Management Solution

Easy Tiger Group has been the epitome of global recruitment, and providing relocation solutions, both individually and as a 360 service. We have a prominent presence in the following markets: UK, EMEA, JAPAC, USA and making headway in Saudi Arabia. With a wide reach and a strategic vantage point, we are well-positioned to provide unparalleled service and expertise, across industries.

Talent management is an integral part of our strategy for aiming to help find individuals in their career, by developing relationships, coaching the right individual to be placed in the potential jobs. We identify and understand the key roles and the future leadership needs within our client’s company, nurturing a supportive and engaging work environment, and offering career development opportunities to ensure employees’ growth aligns with organizational goals. Our strategic focus on talent management is pivotal for preparing organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

We emphasize the critical role of trust and open communication for successful outcomes, with our team dedicated to fostering these elements throughout the recruitment and relocation journey. Our services include meticulous CV reviews, comprehensive interviews, precise candidate assessments and prompt follow-ups, staying transparent throughout the process.

At Easy Tiger Group, we recognize the critical importance of DEI, soft skills, and how clients and candidates can adapt to the ever-changing global market. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion drives us to foster an environment where all talents can thrive, appreciating the value of soft skills in enhancing teamwork, communication, and leadership in today’s dynamic workplace. As the global market evolves, we stay ahead by continuously learning and adjusting our strategies, supported by testimonials from satisfied clients and candidates that underscore the effectiveness of our approach.

We at Easy Tiger Group also understand the challenges and uncertainties of employing and retaining global and national talent, this can require relocating, whether domestically or internationally. Our bespoke Cultural Training Programmes are designed to ease this transition, offering in-depth support to help individuals and families adjust to new work and school environments. By including language programmes, when necessary, our comprehensive approach ensures a smooth transition to new countries for our candidates and ensuring settlement at the client’s company for all parties involved, streamlining the recruitment and relocation process.

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Our Talent Management Services

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Our Sectors

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International Logistics

Easy Tiger’s International Logistics recruitment service offers a perfect combination of passion and professionalism.

Global Mobility

Experts in Global Mobility, we provide a full end-to-end talent management solution from sourcing and coaching right through to placement.


Our longstanding relationships within the industry give us the edge in finding exceptional team members within Immigration globally.

Finance and Accountancy

Partnering with Easy Tiger for your recruitment needs can offer access to a large pool of candidates with specific finance and accounting skills and experience.


Easy Tiger can provide specialized recruiting services for high-calibre IT professionals working at every tier of an organization.

Talent Management FAQ’s

What is the process of Talent Management?

Client: The initial step involves a Teams call with the potential client to understand their needs, requirements, number of openings, and job closing timelines. We also discuss the company’s history and work culture to ensure we target suitable candidates. Following this conversation, we share our company brochure and Terms and Conditions, summarizing the call’s key points. This process enables clients to thoroughly understand our services and fees.

Candidate: Talent management is crucial to our approach, aimed at guiding individuals through their career journey. This involves building relationships, providing coaching, and positioning individuals in roles that match their potential.

The process begins with an initial contact by our consultant, followed by a Teams call to allow candidates to hear more about the potential role and make sure they’re happy to have an application put forward on their behalf. During the interview, we thoroughly explore the candidate’s skills, experiences, expectations, and personal goals to ensure a fit that benefits both the individual and the organization. Once confirmation has been given from the client to schedule a further interview with their company, we will prepare the candidate further for that process and co-ordinate throughout, providing constructive feedback given from both client and candidate after each stage.

When can I expect to hear back from a consultant?

Candidate and Client: As we primarily head hunt the candidates, we come back within a 24-hour period as to whether we would like to screen a candidate and look to arrange a suitable date and time for all.

How long is the entire process of Talent Management?

Client: For Client onboarding this can take on average two weeks. Factors to consider: Availability for a call- for global clients we need to consider timeline differences which can cause some delays, negotiations on terms and conditions, client signing contract.

Candidate: This process can take on average 4-6 weeks; we have had shorter time frames of 2 weeks and longer of 2 months due to the nature of the hire. Factors to consider: Level of job, Location, online or face to face interview, schedule of interviewer, rounds of interviews and responsiveness of client.

Will I directly be connected with someone from the company?

Candidate and Client: Yes, you will always be contacted with someone from the company directly.

What documents are required in the process?

Client: Required documents include signed Terms & Conditions.
Candidate: Please ensure your Resume/CV is up to date. Additionally, we’ll need information about your right to work, including visa/BRP type, sponsorship status, passport details, and your National Insurance number if you’re in the UK.

Are references important and what is the minimum number?

Candidates: At Easy Tiger Group, we see immense potential in every candidate and aim to match you with the ideal job. Part of our process involves verifying your capabilities and fit through references; thus, we request a minimum of two references from you to gain a deeper understanding of your background and strengths.

What kind of interviews will it mostly be?

Candidates & Clients: Primarily, our interviews are conducted online, utilizing Teams for a flexible and efficient process. This arrangement is made after an initial discussion about the role with the candidate/clients, ensuring clarity and convenience for all involved.

How many stages are there when interviewed?

Candidates: The number of interview stages varies based on the job level and the company you’re applying to. Typically, there are four stages: an initial screening with us followed by three stages with the client. However, this can change depending on specific factors related to the job and company.

How do we go about negotiations and at what stage?

Candidate: Negotiations begin early, balancing client budgets with candidates’ aspirations. We ensure candidates agree with the proposed terms before proceeding. After the final interview stage, we negotiate salaries on behalf of the candidate, updating them at every turn. Outcomes may match initial expectations, exceed them if the candidate impresses, or, though rare, fall short—but we aim to align initial discussions with everyone’s expectations to minimize this possibility.

How does the company help prepare the candidates?

We will set up a call with the candidate prior to their interview and making sure we have sent them the necessary information so they are able to do their due diligence. This allows them to be proactive and undertake their own research and find their own understanding. We then go over these findings, values, missions and key people within the company to make sure they are well equipped when entering the interview.

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