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Our Strategic Partnerships

In Partnership with Innovation SA

Easy Tiger Executive Relocation and Innovation-sa have formed a strategic alliance to deliver unparalleled support to businesses making their mark in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Innovation-sa, renowned as the Arabian Business Innovation Services Co. Ltd, brings to the table an impressive portfolio of integrated professional support services. They stand as a beacon for companies aspiring to establish, operate, or expand their business horizons in this dynamic region.

From insightful set-up consulting, nuanced immigration advisory services, to impeccable book-keeping, and a vast array of administrative and legal support, Innovation-sa is the epitome of comprehensive professional support. Their proven track record of serving over 100 international companies in the region synergises seamlessly with Easy Tiger’s dedication to facilitating smooth executive relocations. Together, our collaboration ensures that businesses not only relocate but also thrive, with every intricate detail taken care of. In a nutshell, our partnership embodies the fusion of relocation expertise with localised business acumen.

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