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The Easy Tiger Approach

Louise Neal

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Easy Tiger Executive Search

Louise Neal stands as a prominent figure in the realm of global talent management, with a career that spans across several critical sectors including Immigration, Global Mobility, IT, Manufacturing and Financial Markets. Her journey in the field is marked by over three decades of dedication and excellence, laying a solid foundation for Easy Tiger Group.

Louise’s extensive experience in talent management across various industries, including Construction, Engineering, Finance, and Technology, positions her uniquely to navigate the complexities of the GCC market. Her expertise ensures that the company’s relocation services go beyond the conventional, integrating comprehensive solutions that facilitate talent retention and support the professional and personal transitions of executives moving to this vibrant region.

At Easy Tiger Group, we really listen to our clients; much like when in early 2016,

Louise: “My clients suggested that I set up by myself as they could see the energy and the passion that I had for my work. My dedication, honesty and focus on people are the values upon which Easy Tiger Group is founded”.

These values drive our passion to provide a full end-to-end talent management and relocation solution for your organisation from sourcing, candidate coaching and preparation, right through to placement and follow-up.

Clare Williams

Global Head of Operations at Easy Tiger Group

Clare, whose unparalleled expertise in relocation, immigration, and logistics forms the backbone of the customer journey. Her values of integrity, transparency, and a people-centric approach is more than just guiding principles—they’re lived experiences. Clare’s deep understanding of the nuanced business cultures in the Middle East, with over 30 years of hands-on experience in the relocation industry has cultivated authentic connections with clients and candidates alike, fostering trust and mutual respect in every interaction.

Throughout Clare’s journey, she’s adeptly navigated numerous business transitions, including acquisitions, mergers, and restructurings. Her strategic leadership has steered organizations through integration and transformation, drawing from a wealth of international exposure from her time living and working in the UK, Canada, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. This diverse background underscores her adaptability and global perspective.

Clare: “Our approach of creating bespoke solutions and personal connection, leveraging expertise and strategic networking to deliver great outcomes. At the forefront of our mission is a dedication to deeply understanding each client and candidate, focusing on their unique attributes, needs, and ambitions. This commitment to personal insight forms the cornerstone of our business strategy.”

Easy Tiger Group

The synergy between Clare and Louise has set a new benchmark in Global Mobility, connecting relocation services directly with talent management. Their dynamic relationship, allows them to offer a service that is both comprehensive and deeply attuned to the values and ethics prevalent in the region.
This bold move into the executive relocation sphere builds on the prestigious legacy of Easy Tiger Group. Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities within the GCC and broader Middle East markets, Easy Tiger Group is poised to meet the increasing demand for bespoke relocation services. These services are not only tailored to the needs of executives and their families but are also designed to align with the dynamic and evolving business landscapes of the region.

The partnership in Riyadh, promises not just a geographical transition for its clients but a seamless integration into Saudi Arabia’s rich organizational culture. Their approach ensures that every relocation is more than a move; it’s a step towards harmonious immersion in a new professional and cultural landscape, underscoring their commitment to excellence and transformative leadership in the field.



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