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Introducing Easy Tiger 360, a pioneering service that leads the way in talent management and mobility solutions. Our innovative approach seamlessly integrates recruitment and relocation services to provide a holistic solution for clients aiming not just to attract but also retain top talent from around the world.

At Easy Tiger, we understand that recruiting skilled professionals is only half the battle. Ensuring their smooth transition and successful integration into a new location is equally crucial for both the employee and the employer. That’s why we offer a unique blend of recruitment expertise and relocation support, all conveniently housed under one roof.

Our specialists utilize cutting-edge technology and an extensive network to identify and engage top talent across diverse industries and geographies. We don’t merely match resumes to job descriptions; we strive to find candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience and are also prepared for the challenges of international living and working. This thorough vetting process minimizes the risks of relocation failure and lays the groundwork for long-term success.

Furthermore our single-point-of-contact, end-to-end service model ensures continuity, consistency, and personalized support for both our clients and candidates throughout the entire process. By streamlining communication and eliminating potential misunderstandings, our approach ensures a smooth transition for both the candidate and the employer.

In today’s fiercely competitive talent market, attracting and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever. With our Easy Tiger 360 solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your recruitment and relocation needs are in expert hands. Let us assist you in assembling winning teams from across the globe that will propel your business forward.

From navigating regulatory hurdles to understanding local cultures, we ensure a smooth transition for your employees and their families. Our dedication to supporting your ventures into markets like Saudi Arabia is exemplified by our strategic partnership with Innovation-sa, providing unparalleled assistance to businesses in the Middle East.

At Easy Tiger we’re more than just a relocation service – we’re your trusted partner in ensuring the success of your relocation programmes and well-bring of your transferees and their families. Let us help you make their transition as smooth and rewarding as possible, so they can hit the ground running and contribute to your company’s growth with confidence.

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Talent Acquisition Consultation

  • Assess client needs and talent requirements for global recruitment.
  • Provide guidance on sourcing strategies and candidate selection criteria.
  • Advise on market trends, salary benchmarks, and talent attraction tactics.
  • Provide information on potential talent pools with professional qualification and standards aligned with client role.

Relocation Management

  • Program Management
  • Policy Counselling
  • Vendor Management
  • Expense Management
  • Immigration
  • Cultural Training
  • Language Training
  • Spouse /Partner Support
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Household Goods
  • International Travel
  • Destination Services
    • Orientation
    • Home Search
    • Settling In Services
    • School Search
    • Education Consultancy

Other Services We Offer

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Talent Management

Partnering with Easy Tiger for your Talent Management needs can offer access to a large pool of candidates with the specific skills and experience your organisation requires.

Global Mobility / Relocation

Experts in Global Mobility, we provide a full end-to-end solutions for all your global mobility resourcing and relocation requirements.

Temporary Resource Solutions

Resourcing Solutions, an extension of Easy Tiger’s talent management service.

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