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Launched in June, the Finnish government has implemented a Fast Track Service aiming to expedite the residence permit application process for specialists, start-up entrepreneurs, EU Blue Card, ICT residence permit applicants and their family members.

  • Applicants are required to apply for a residence permit application on the Finnish immigration portal Enter Finland.
  • If the application is completed, the applicants will be required to prove their identity and have their fingerprints taken in the Finnish consulate abroad within 5 working days of submitting the application.
  • Also required, is that the employer includes their employment details within 2 days from submission.
  • Residence permit applications should be processed within 14 days.

Then, once approved, applicants have two options:

  • Wait abroad to receive their residence permits to enter Finland.
  • Visa-required nationals can apply for a long-stay (D) visa to enter Finland and a Schengen visa waiver would permit entry to Finland on their valid passport.

If choosing the second option, applicants will obtain their final residence card upon entry.

This information came from a blog post originally published here.

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