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With so many considerations when moving jobs, in the UK or to another country, arranging somewhere to lay your head is most likely paramount and can be a stressful process!
This is on top of starting your new role, navigating a new city and even a new culture! Some businesses will help you with the move, and serviced apartments can sometimes be the perfect option.

Very common among ex-pats when choosing their initial move, serviced apartments take the pressure off researching and house hunting. Choosing to stay in a serviced apartment can be one way to reduce the stress of relocating. It can also give you more breathing space to get used to your new life when you arrive.

In Hong Kong, serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular, and just like in places like the UK, they are becoming more popular than hotels for expats, tourists, and business travellers alike.

Great things about staying at a serviced apartment

Often working out cheaper than a hotel, they also feel more like home – most likely due to a range of discounts on offer for longer term stays.
Quite often, serviced apartments are the perfect base for exploring your new city with the majority of them being located centrally and near services like supermarkets and public transport.

The vast majority of serviced apartments often have cooking facilities, if not a full kitchen. You also get all the basic amenities of a home, including linen, towels. Sometimes there’ll also be tea, coffee, and other basics to welcome you.
Basically this option gives you time to find the right place to live permanently. You can explore the neighbourhoods, get recommendations, take the time to keep an eye on the market, and actually visit potential houses.

Some even boast an array of shared facilities – such as swimming pools and gyms, as well as a local concierge too, so if you need help or advice you can easily get it.
It’s your own space – unlike many Airbnb’s, hotels or similar shorter-term stay options.

So what are the down sides of serviced apartments?

Of course, there are some downsides to serviced apartments, but essentially they’re not meant to be a permanent option.

Expense is a consideration. They can be more expensive long-term than moving into a house or independent apartment, or some other short-term options.
If you value regular neighbourly interaction these may not be for you! Your neighbours could be changing frequently. Many apartments are used by business travellers and tourists.
It might not feel as much like home as you were hoping. The building, set up, and size of serviced apartments varies.
Quality, service, and amenities can vary. Always check reviews first.

Whatever your available options, ensure that you carefully weigh up the pro’s and con’s of each before making a decision, the wrong one could possibly impact how you settle in your new role.

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