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Vacancy : 1

Job Description

Purpose and General
Nature of the Job:
The purpose of the Senior Accountant’s job is to develop their skills in managing a client list of their own so that a top-quality service can be provided at an appropriate price and to support their designated manager or partner on technical and administrative work.
The Context:
The emphasis is on effective working in support of the designated manager or partner and as part of the group.  On specific client work the senior accountant will supervise the production of the work prior to a review by the designated manager or the partner responsible.
Main Duties:
The main duties of the senior accountant are to develop the skills necessary for managing work for clients on their lists. These include:
planning, supervising, and reviewing work of more junior staff.
producing budgets for work to be done and draft bills for approval.
monitoring performance against plan.
undertaking technical work and being available to provide technical expertise.
ensuring technical excellence.
training junior staff in accounts and audit work.
promoting the firm generally.
involvement in seminars and other activities.
developing professional relationships with referral sources.
developing the firm’s services.
actively selling additional services to clients.
Secondary Duties:
Senior accountants may undertake work for clients on any manager’s lists and provide support for other senior staff within the group.  They may also have to:
undertake such other duties in connection with the above which in the opinion of the partners is reasonable for the jobholder to perform.
the jobholder must adopt a flexible approach to their work and be willing to adapt to changing circumstances, i.e., new systems, new technology, etc.
partners will ensure that appropriate training is provided to enable the jobholder to learn new skills and develop as individuals.
jobholder also responsible for their own self-development and training.
Responsibility for subordinates:
Senior accountants are responsible for supervising the staff that report to them in a manner that will result in effective teamwork within the group.  They are required to consider individuals’ needs for ‘on the job’ training.
This will involve:
ensuring the firm’s administrative procedures are complied with by members of the team.
planning, supervising, and reviewing work done by more junior members of the team.
providing feedback on performance.
ensuring that staff fulfil their duties in compliance with office procedures and standards on quality.
ensuring that staff are polite and courteous to clients.
ensuring that members of the team have adequate ‘on the job’ training.
Responsibility for clients:
Senior accountants are responsible for providing clients with a first-class service.  This involves:
identifying client’s needs in consultation with more senior staff.
being aware of all services our client provides and having giving consideration to their client’s needs with respect to the services bringing them to the client’s attention.
agreeing timetables.
ensuring that client’s requirements are met.
Working relationships:
On client work the senior assistant reports to the partner or manager responsible for that client or job.  For general purposes senior accountants report to their designated manager or partner who is responsible for ensuring that they receive the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for managing their own client list.
Relationships with senior staff and partners:
Senior accountants will primarily work for their group/branch managers/partners, but they may have to undertake work for any partner or manager in the firm.  Senior accountants will attend group meetings where workflow, scheduling, standard procedures, technical information, development of the firm etc will be discussed.
Relationships with colleagues and junior staff:
On client related work they will supervise junior staff within their group and be available to them for consultation/technical support.

Employment Status

Full Time

Educational Requirements

UK Fully Qualified Accountant

Experience Requirements


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