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On behalf of the Easy Tiger team, I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for Julia Onslow Coles’ invitation to attend the Fragomen UK’s 20th Anniversary event at the V+A Museum last night. It was an incredible privilege to be part of such an enlightening gathering and to gain valuable knowledge and fresh perspectives on the immigration industry. The opportunity to connect and engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds has been truly instrumental in broadening our understanding and forging meaningful connections within the industry.

I would also like to extend our gratitude to Lance for delivering an awe-inspiring speech that detailed the remarkable contributions of Nadine and George to the growth of Fragomen’s over their tenures. Their dedication and leadership serve as an inspiration to Fragoman’s and to their clients.

I am truly grateful for the experience and the insights gained at the event. The opportunity to meet other driven and ambitious individuals within the industry always motivates and empowers me. A big thank you to Murtaza Shah, Claire Tennant-Scull, Frida Sakaj, Magdalena Dymbell, Priya Narwani, and Brian Freedman for your valuable contributions and inspiring presence.

Fragomen has achieved significant milestones and recognition in the field of global immigration law. With a strong global presence in over 40 countries, they have established themselves as thought leaders by publishing insightful articles and participating in industry events. Their commitment to client satisfaction has earned them numerous awards and long-standing client relationships. Fragomen actively collaborates with industry associations and government bodies to shape immigration policies. Their achievements highlight their expertise, thought leadership, and dedication to delivering exceptional immigration services worldwide.


Julia Onslow Cole

Julia Onslow Cole, a Partner at Fragomen, is a renowned immigration expert who provides specialized advice and exceptional service to clients. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of global immigration enable her to navigate complex challenges and guide high net worth individuals and businesses strategically. Julia’s leadership extends beyond client work, shaping Fragomen’s approach to immigration and gaining industry recognition. Her commitment to advancing immigration policies remains steadfast, engaging stakeholders, fostering relationships with Middle Eastern governments, and contributing to influential advisory boards. Julia’s accomplishments at Fragomen exemplify her dedication to the field of immigration law and her ability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of immigration. Her contributions to the firm, her clients, and the broader field of immigration have solidified her position as a thought leader and expert, shaping the industry and driving positive change in immigration practices.

Julia’s involvement extends beyond her legal practice. She represents the International Bar Association (IBA) on the UK Border Agency’s Corporate Partner and International Groups, as well as the Business User Forum. She serves as the chair of the IBA’s Human Rights Institute Charitable Trust and has previously held the position of director at the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association. Julia has also been appointed vice-chair of the IBA’s Global Employment Institute. She is affiliated with various professional organizations, including the UK Association for European Law, the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, and the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association.

Julia’s expertise in immigration law has been recognized in the legal industry, earning her a spot in the 2023 edition of The Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom™. She was also honored as the “Lawyer of the Year” for London immigration law in 2023.


Lance Kaplan

Lance Kaplan is the Co-Chair at Fragomen and a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Leading a global team of over 6,000 immigration professionals and support staff, Lance collaborates with Co-Chair Enrique Gonzalez to establish operational objectives and drive expansion. He spearheads the development of innovative technologies, attracts exceptional immigration talent, and played a pivotal role in formulating the firm’s COVID-19 response. With a career spanning three decades, Lance has extensive experience in global corporate immigration law, representing multinational corporations and providing insights to international organizations. As Co-Chair, he guides Fragomen’s global operations and reinforces its leadership in immigration law.


George Koureas

George Koureas is an experienced solicitor and the Managing Partner Europe at Fragomen, a global immigration law firm. With over 15 years of expertise, George advises companies on all aspects of immigration law, specializing in corporate restructurings. He leads engagements for major corporations in various sectors and has spoken at international conferences on immigration. George’s deep understanding of immigration needs drives the development of tailored service delivery models. His leadership and cross-border initiatives have solidified his reputation as an esteemed figure in the immigration industry.


Nadine Goldfoot

Nadine Goldfoot is the Managing Partner of Fragomen UK, leading the practice with success amidst the pandemic. Renowned as an international authority on investment immigration, she collaborates with high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and third-party advisors. Nadine’s expertise extends to governments, and she played a pivotal role in establishing the Fragomen Private Client Practice. With comprehensive knowledge of UK and EU immigration law, she represents multinational companies in the EMEA region and provides strategic counsel on compliance and restructuring. As a trusted authority in immigration matters, Nadine’s leadership and guidance are highly regarded.

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