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Following on from our comprehensive coverage of the countries most appealing to highly-skilled migrants, we shift our focus in this second edition towards entrepreneurial migrants. As the global business landscape undergoes rapid transformations, the role of entrepreneurial talent in driving innovation and economic growth has never been more critical. In this edition, we will delve into the countries that are emerging as attractive destinations for these ambitious individuals, analysing the ecosystems that support their entrepreneurial endeavours. Stay tuned for in-depth insights and data-driven analyses in the coming weeks as we explore the landscape of entrepreneurial migration.


Entrepreneurial Migrants

Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, and New Zealand lead the pack in attracting immigrant entrepreneurs. Each provides a conducive living environment but show varied performances in the economic and regulatory framework for entrepreneurs. Canada, previously leading, slipped after terminating its federal visa program for entrepreneurs, while Sweden’s visa policies stand out, offering a fast track to permanent residency. The US, with strict visa conditions, still climbs the ranking due to improved corporate tax levels and R&D investments since 2019.

The UK and Luxembourg have made commendable leaps, with the former easing capital requirements for entrepreneurs and the latter benefiting from a favourable business ecosystem. In contrast, Colombia, Mexico, and Turkey lag in drawing international entrepreneurs due to a mix of strict policies and less favourable conditions.


Push Factors for Entrepreneurial Migrants:

  • Restrictive Business Climates: Overbearing regulations and unstable policies can stifle innovation and deter founders from starting up in their homeland.
  • Capital Constraints: A lack of investors or a fragile banking system can strangle even the most promising business ideas in their infancy.
  • Market Barriers: In saturated markets, or ones overshadowed by monopolies, start-ups can struggle to find their footing.


Pull Factors for Entrepreneurial Migrants:

  • Thriving Ecosystems: Beyond capital, global hubs offer mentorship, talent, and a collaborative spirit that can be the lifeblood of a start-up.
  • Government Support: From tax incentives to special visas, supportive policies can greatly reduce the bureaucratic challenges faced by new ventures.
  • Vibrant Consumer Markets: The potential to tap into large or affluent consumer bases can be a strong allure for businesses.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit finds its home in nations that nurture it. While traditional leaders like the US still hold sway, countries like Sweden and New Zealand are making their mark with friendly policies and a supportive environment.


As we wrap up our deep dive into the world of entrepreneurial migrants, we prepare to set our sights on another crucial demographic in our final instalment: international students. With education being a cornerstone for innovation and economic development, understanding where these young minds are choosing to study provides invaluable insights into future global trends. Join us next week as we explore the destinations rising in the ranks for international students and dissect the motivations behind their choices in this concluding article of our series on migrant motivations.

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