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In many countries around the world, the pandemic remains a consideration in terms of travel and entry requirements. Indeed, China has recently revised its requirements in relation to the COVID-19 developments in the country.

What Has Changed

Firstly, business visa applicants (in the majority of countries) will no longer require a PU letter to apply for a visa. Instead, an invitation letter from the inviting company will suffice.

Also, recently China announced reductions in their mandatory COVID quarantines for inbound travellers. The new policy is “7+3”: inbound travelers will now be required to quarantine in a designated facility for only seven days, (down from the previous 14-day period). Following the seven-day period, travelers will then be required to undertake health monitoring for an additional three days, either at home or in designated hotels.

Mandatory testing for COVID remains part of the quarantine protocol. Travellers will be tested on days 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 of the quarantine period at the designated facility, and on the third day of their health monitoring.

Viewed as ‘general loosening’ of COVID restrictions in China, the change in the quarantine protocol is obviously good news. Current “high-risk” areas in China will be reduced to medium risk if they have no new COVID cases for seven days. Medium risk areas will be reduced to low risk after three days with no new COVID cases.

However, within China, travellers arriving from a high-risk to medium risk area will need to quarantine for seven days at a government facility; travellers arriving from medium risk areas will need to quarantine at home for seven days. Those individuals traveling from a low-risk area will not be required to quarantine at all, but must take two nucleic acid tests within three days.

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