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Easy Tiger Executive Search Nominated for THE SPECIAL PROVIDER AWARD

We are thrilled to announce that Easy Tiger has been nominated for an esteemed award by the Association of Relocation Professionals! This recognition highlights our specialization in the relocation sector and our commitment to delivering exceptional recruitment services to relocation professionals.

We are grateful for the testimonials we have received from prestigious industry professionals, which have played a significant role in securing this nomination. These testimonials serve as a testament to the quality and value of our services, and we are honored to have earned the trust and recognition of esteemed individuals within the industry.

At Easy Tiger, we take pride in our dedication to providing outstanding recruitment solutions that cater specifically to the needs of relocation professionals. This nomination further reinforces our commitment to excellence and motivates us to continue delivering exceptional results for our clients.

See below our accredited testimonials

Testimonial 1

“Louise Neal and her global talent and relocation company Easy Tiger are truly becoming game changers in the world of executive mobility, immigration talent sourcing, recruitment and relocation support.

Easy Tiger has really got to the heart of the mobility talent conundrum: it’s not about the ability of candidates to do the role in our service industry (that is the given), but the candidates’ extra contribution to a mobility and relocation landscape that has become almost terra incognita as a result of the changing needs of our own clients, which in turn are changing as the world evolves, renews and rebuilds. In jumping on this nuanced change in the talent dialogue, Louise has been able to match candidate with end client need, and this is where it gets interesting. Easy Tiger’s commitment to understanding my needs through the lens of my client is a revolutionary concept, and sourcing talent as part of an ongoing and evolving dialogue, set to the backdrop of a deep understanding of my own business strategy is a genius move. I only wish I had thought of it first, and trade marked!

I cannot recommend Louise and her team more highly for this recognition. The changes to mobility and relocation as a service industry are accelerating at pace. We’re entering possible global shift in economic downturns and recessionary fears, at a period of continuing wars for talent. Talent professionals are needed more than ever, but particularly those who look at talent with both a 2024 and beyond lens and mindset. That’s award worthy, and Louise and her team have these qualities in abundance.

Testimonial 2

“I have had the privilege of professionally knowing Louise for over fifteen years, initially when she worked for Red Recruitment Global and later as she moved on to Eurobase. During this time, Louise has consistently impressed me with her expertise in global mobility and recruitment processes.

Louise’s dedication and support have been invaluable to me in hiring overseas candidates, not only in the recruitment aspect but also as an advisor on global mobility and relocation. Her insights and guidance have proven crucial in navigating the complexities of these processes.

Over the past seven years, I have witnessed Louise’s remarkable journey as she established Easy Tiger Executive Search Limited from the ground up. The success of the company can be attributed entirely to her unwavering commitment, passion, and enthusiasm in the field of executive recruitment and mobility. What sets Louise apart is her ability to infuse artistry and vibrancy into an industry that can sometimes be perceived as dull and mundane.

One of Louise’s outstanding qualities is her deep understanding of clients’ needs, as she fully immerses herself in the diverse cultural aspects of various industries. Whether it is international banking or other sectors, Louise goes beyond ticking boxes to form a true partnership with her clients. Engaging with Louise at Easy Tiger is embarking on an adventurous journey, overcoming barriers and obstacles together in the pursuit of finding the perfect candidate at the right price and with the ideal level of experience.

What truly sets Louise apart is her personal touch. She makes every client feel special and prioritizes their needs, making herself available around the clock to ensure the delivery of candidates who exceed her exacting standards.

It is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly nominate Louise and her team at Easy Tiger for this prestigious award. Their exceptional dedication, expertise, and personalized approach have undoubtedly made a significant impact in the executive recruitment and mobility markets.”

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