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Thank you to everyone who attended the ARP lunch and awards ceremony last Thursday. We are delighted to have won the Specialist Provider Award 2023 πŸ†.


The Specialist Provider Award demonstrates exceptional expertise and specialization in delivering services related to Immigration, Global Mobility, Relocation and DSP sectors. It signifies that the company has demonstrated excellence in providing specialized solutions, meeting the unique needs of individuals and organizations.


Congratulations to all the other deserving winners πŸŽ‰


ARP is a professional organization dedicated to the field of relocation. It brings together individuals and companies involved in various aspects of relocation, including global mobility, corporate relocation, and workforce mobility. ARP provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development within the industry. The association offers resources, educational programs, and events to support its members in staying updated with industry trends, best practices, and regulations related to relocation. ARP plays a vital role in promoting collaboration, professionalism, and excellence in the field of relocation 🏠


We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the outstanding recipients;


Destination Service Provider – TTHCurzon Relocation, Simon Robins


Furniture Rental Company – Instant Home Furniture Rental, Steve Wright & Sue Hubbard


Schools and Education Sector – Focus Information Services Limited, Gael Panhelleux


European Destination Service Provider – Nimmersion AB, Johanna Lennartson


Lifetime Achievement Award – Simon Johnston GMS of Icon RelocationπŸ†


It was great to rub shoulders with some key figures in the industry and to listen to their perspectives on the current state of the Relocation industry and the future of Relocation as an industry.


Let’s continue to shape the future of the Relocation industry together! 🀝

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