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To The Easy Tiger community,


We hope this message finds you well. Today, we’re reaching out with mixed feelings to share some personal team news and to seek the help of our extended network.


Our cherished miniature Yorkshire terrier, Dotty, who has been an integral part of our journey, is facing significant health challenges. We’ve recently learned that she’s developed severe arthritis, which has led her to lose the use full use of her back legs. It’s heart-wrenching to see a loved one, even our four-legged family, go through such trials.


In recognition of Dotty’s staunch love, loyalty and the joy she’s spread over the years, we have decided to adjust her role as must be done with any key person who has served a company so commendably. Dotty will now serve as our “Chief Canine Comfort Officer”, ensuring that her gentle presence continues to comfort us and occasionally grace our Teams calls to soothe nervous candidates.


As one chapter transitions, another begins. We’re grateful that Bobby, our 2-year-old Biro Yorkshire Terrier, will now take on the mantle of “Head of Office Security”. While no one can truly fill Dotty’s shoes, young Bobby is showing promise in this new role.


On a final and heartfelt note, we are in search of a dog wheelchair to help Dotty maintain a semblance of her independence. If any among you have faced a similar situation or know where we might find such an aid, we’d deeply appreciate your guidance.


Warm regards,

Louise and the Team at Easy Tiger Executive Search

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